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Silent Prayer: Welcome

St Augustine said,

"Come back to yourself from the things outside you;

then give yourself back to the one who made you."

At St George-in-the-East we regularly practice silent prayer, stilling our minds and our hearts to listen for Christ who dwells within us.

Silent prayer (sometimes also called contemplative prayer or meditation) can sound scary if you've never done it before. In times of heightened anxiety, we might feel like our minds are busier than ever, and it can feel frightening to imagine being alone with our thoughts. But God never leaves us — and the more we practice sitting in stillness, the more we learn to recognise God's presence in the midst of the storm.

If you're new to silent prayer and you'd like to find out more, watch contemplative writer Martin Laid give a short introduction here — and then reach out to a member of the clergy for a chat.

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