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In 2015, we entered into partnership with the Centre for Theology & Community to renew the life of the church. The Director of CTC, Canon Angus Ritchie, is one of our parish priests. Our partnership with the CTC has embedded community organising in everything we do, enabling our church to be more faithful to Christ and effective in reaching out to our neighbourhood.


We are proud to have planted the first Choir Church in our parish school, and to support our musical director and Choir Church founder Tom Daggett as he grows the Choir Church movement nationwide.

As a Resource Church in the Diocese of London, we are partnering with other parishes to build a community of churches who are growing and applying the practices of community organising. We are a part of the network of churches across the UK being supported by the Gregory Centre to resource others.

St George-in-the-East is a member institution of TELCO, a powerful alliance of over 80 civil institutions. TELCO is the founding chapter of Citizens UK, the home of community organising in the UK. We believe the practices of community organising help us individually and collectively to express so much of our faith – building deep relationships, using power for the common good and the courage to challenge and struggle against injustice.


St George-in-the-East worked with Shadwell Responds during the Pandemic on various successful campaigns, including on digital inclusion and the local swimming pool. We were proud of to be part of this group leading a community led response to the Coronavirus crisis. 

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