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Eastminster is the north-western section of the Parish of St George-in-the-East in Tower Hamlets. This area is like much of the City of London, with some residents but a growing number of offices, restaurants and hotels.

As we have spent time praying and listening in Eastminster, our Parish has identified a range of groups leading “parallel lives“: low-waged workers in the hospitality sector (many of whom are migrants from Latin America and Eastern Europe or students at local universities and colleges); construction workers (many of whom are migrants from Eastern Europe); patients, families and workers at nearby healthcare institutions; and “white-collar” City workers.

In partnership with the Centre for Theology and Community and the Lombard Parish, we have begun to explore how we can be more prayerfully present as a Parish in Eastminster to these different groups by establishing the Eastminster Chaplaincy. Our Mission Chaplains are building relationships in the area and now also in the City of London to continue our work with hidden workers to worship God, challenge injustice and build community.

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