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Baptism Ceremony


Daily Prayer: Welcome

Anyone can get baptised at St George in the East. Baptism is a public act, and happen on Sundays during the Parish Mass. 

We also offer Dedication services. 

Please fill in this form to request a Baptism. A member of the Clergy will get back to you in due course. 

Congratulations on your engagement!


We can conduct Marriage services at St George in the East for anyone living in our Parish of all faiths or none. If you are not a Parishioner, but can demonstrate a connection to the Parish for one of the reasons listed here, please do be in touch. 

To apply for your Banns of Marriage to be read here, please fill in this form. You will need to do this if you are being married at St George's, or if you are a Parishioner marrying in a different Parish Church. A member of the Clergy will get back to you in due course. 

Churches and Priests do not organise funerals, but they are responsible for the service and liturgy at a funeral service. Please be in touch with a Funeral Director, who will in turn contact us. 

We are able to hold a funeral service for anyone living in our Parish, regardless of background or faith. We will also conduct a funeral for anyone with a proven connection to the Parish. 

We can also help you arrange an Organist for the service. 

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